Risk-aware MDR for ultimate security

Anticipate, pinpoint, 和 act to

  • MDR monitors your attack surface from endpoint to cloud based on your specific exposures 和 attack vectors
  • White-glove service uncovers risks early to 防止违反 和 ransomware attacks
  • Unlimited digital forensics 和 incident response powered by 伶盗龙, the most advanced DFIR tool
  • Joint operations with Rapid7’s elite global SOC allows your staff to defend your data 24/7

Why just defeat adversaries when you can leave them discouraged, too?

Your leaked credentials won’t help them. Phishing 和 ransomware will be a waste of their time. With 十大赌博正规信誉网址, your environment is monitored end-to-end, 24/7, by an elite SOC that works transparently with your in-house team. 你的资源扩大了. Your proactivity goes up. And your risks 和 worries go down.

See the difference an extended SOC approach makes

积极主动的 & 无限的

What if you had the resources to act first? What if you could anticipate the most relevant, imminent threats 和 防止违反 earlier? Powered by an AI-led SecOps platform at the core, 获取无限数据, 无限的响应, unlimited vulnerability scanning, 无限的潜力.


Partner with global, experienced SOC experts who seamlessly act as an extension of your SecOps team. We have you covered, from initial threat detection through triage, investigation, 和 response. Security leaders need better resources on their teams, at least as sophisticated as attackers.


Unified exposure management 和 MDR creates a full picture of risk 和 threats – while driving greater efficiency. With unmatched time-to-value, you'll have tangible results 和 return on day one. And when you consolidate with the right partner, you save a lot more than money.

Comm和 your attack surface

十大赌博正规信誉网址 does what typical MDR can’t: smashes silos, 改变游戏规则, 和 changes your odds before, 在, 在一次袭击之后.

  • 之前, you’re anticipating attack vectors 和 preventing
  • 期间, you’re removing noise, pinpointing attacker actions, 和 acting to contain threats
  • 之后, unlimited digital forensics 和 incident response leaves your environment seriously improved

One single subscription delivers a comprehensive view into the kill chain 和 solves a long list of problems: the skills gap, 预算压力, 工具的扩张, no time for proactive work, even your need for things like sleep 和 nice weekends.

A trusted name in the security community.

Rapid7 is a trusted cybersecurity partner for organizations around the world. But don’t just take our word for it. See for yourself how our solutions give power to the protectors 和 make eliminating threats stress-free.

Rapid7 named a Leader in the IDC Marketscape: U.S. Managed Detection 和 Response

Rapid7 recognized 和 top reviewed by Gartner® Peer Insights™

Rapid7 drives strong to signal-to-noise in MITRE Engenuity ATT&CK评价

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