Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Rapid7

At Rapid7, we fundamentally believe that every person deserves an equal opportunity to build an exceptional career and that diversity of mindset is integral to the growth and success of our company.
Corey Thomas, Chairman & CEO


At Rapid7, we celebrate people bringing diverse perspectives to the table as we work together to help create a secure digital future for everyone.

Diversity of backgrounds and mindsets help us close gaps in experience and spark innovation. 对多元化、公平的坚定承诺 & 包容是我们业务实力和成功的核心. It empowers our communities, makes our company healthier, and makes our customers more secure. 很简单,这也是正确的做法. 不仅是为了我们,也是为了我们的行业和世界的进步. This is why we are building a place where everyone feels welcome to be their authentic selves.

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Empowering people in 2023

从我们在新办公室重新设计团队组成的方式来看, 我们雄心勃勃的多样性, Equity & 未来一年的包容性目标,请阅读我们的 2023 Social Good Report for a detailed look at how we’re building opportunities for those that the cybersecurity community often overlooks.


We’re committed to bringing together people from different backgrounds and investing in programs that nurture pathways for the future talent of our tech community. 这一承诺是由我们的两个核心价值观推动的: Be an Advocate and Bring You. We advocate for customers, underrepresented groups, and one another, to create a more connected and collaborative experience for all; and we want every person to feel empowered to embrace their own uniqueness and feel comfortable bringing their true self to work.

Values Driving Community
Values Driving Community


我们把Rapid7的员工称为驼鹿, 不变的词:在单数和复数形式中都保持不变的词. It’s one of the many ways we work to build an internal sense of camaraderie and community. We’re one Moose and proud of the diverse perspectives that strengthen our herd.

以下是一些值得注意的举措,有助于使Rapid7更加多样化, equitable, 为每只驼鹿提供包容的家园.

Internal Community Groups

At Rapid7, we believe that everyone has a role to play in creating an inclusive environment. We regularly create intentional moments for our people to educate themselves on the lived experience of others and grow on their personal journey of inclusion. Our goal is that anyone, 无论他们的背景如何都可以来Rapid7, 为自己感到骄傲,把工作做到最好.

社区和文化在这里很重要, our Rapid Impact Groups (RIGs) are supported by the business and driven by our employees. 团体是行动导向的, focused on the elevation of the community and regularly find ways to support one another through channels of intersectionality.

Inclusive Benefits

  • 为所有驼鹿人设计的办公室, 有不分性别的卫生间,淋浴间和母亲套房
  • 为准父母提供竞争性产假和陪产假
  • Pay equity regardless of gender or race, confirmed by routine surveys and external specialist review
  • 策划和游戏化的多样性课程, inclusion, 通过Linkedin学习和内部开发的资源获得归属感
  • 有规律的提升根植于不断增长的理解能力, building community, and connection.


系统地提高我们行业的多样性和实力, we’re making investments that create opportunities for those that may not otherwise pursue STEM related jobs. 我们与学校合作, universities, and other groups globally to fuel STEM interest in youth from under-served communities, 以捐赠的形式提供支持和指导, volunteer work, mentoring, and education.

Hack Diversity

How we are involved:

  • Rapid7是创始成员之一
  • 我们从项目中招募了实习生, 其中一些人已经转变为Rapid7的全职员工
  • We’ve made significant annual financial contributions and have committed to hiring fellows each summer
  • Focus: 100% increase in the number of Black and Latinx technical talent in the innovation economy in Boston. Hack.Diversity recruits Black and Latinx students pursuing careers in software engineering, data analytics, information technology, UX/UI设计融入城市发展最快的公司——培训, coaching and mentoring both employer and employee throughout the experience

How we are involved:

  • Rapid7是发起人和初始投资者
  • Focus: Achieve the consistent representation of women and minorities in cybersecurity through programs designed to foster recruitment, 包容和保留——一次一个人.

Higher Education

How we are involved:

We are making investments to support educational opportunities for a wide variety of populations that may not otherwise pursue STEM-related jobs. 在过去的几年里, we’ve joined forces with schools and universities globally to fuel STEM interest from underserved and marginalized youth communities, 以捐赠的形式提供支持和指导, volunteer work, mentoring, and education. 这些投资包括:

  • 贝尔法斯特女王大学
    • 支持他们的计算机科学和安全编程课程, 并在贝尔法斯特办公室招聘了100多名实习学生.
  • 堪培拉大学STEM教育研究中心
    • SERC正在进行STEM(科学)领域的开创性研究, technology, 工程和数学)教育, 运用创新科技协助儿童学习

How we are involved:

As a corporate sponsor, we are aligned to Cyversity’s mission of increasing and maintaining consistent representation from historically marginalized and untapped communities and remain committed to elevating local chapter leaders, supporting events, 在思想领导等方面进行合作.

How we are involved:

2023年,Rapid7网络安全基金会承诺提供1美元.5 million to the University of South Florida with the goal of creating a Cyber Threat Intelligence Lab which in turn could create onramps to cyber careers for one of the most diverse student populations in the United States.  This partnership has also enabled USF researchers to garner grants from the National Science Foundation and Office of Naval focusing on how to train students for real-world SOC roles.

How we are involved:

作为波士顿棕熊队的第一个球衣补丁合作伙伴, we are driven by our organizations’ shared values and shared commitment to strengthening our communities. Our partnership with TD Garden began in 2017 when we broke ground at our Boston headquarters and partnered with Delaware North (the Bruins holding company) to revitalize the city’s technology community. This new phase of our partnership is an incredible opportunity for our combined brands to make an even bigger, 为我们在世界各地的社区和客户带来更持久的影响. Over the past two seasons, 我们和棕熊队就他们的“老师欣赏”进行了合作, Military, 和女性体育游戏之夜.  We have also collaborated with the Bruins to create STEM days at Warrior Ice Arena allowing Boston-based, middle school students an inside glimpse into varying aspects of hockey from passing angles, 射击的力和摩擦力, 镐落的动能和冰层重新表面背后的科学.


我们知道,致力于培育一个多元化的, equitable, and inclusive work culture extends far beyond any metrics—we also believe there’s value in setting measurable goals and being transparent about what our company looks like today.

想了解更多关于我们如何做和我们的方向的信息,请阅读我们的 2023 Social Good Report.

2023 Social Good Report


In the months and years ahead, we’ll keep pioneering new ways to empower people. We’ll never stop holding ourselves accountable as we transform the makeup of our industry to better reflect our customers and communities.

Learn how you can help us build something special as we work together to create a secure digital future for all.